Y’all be like “young Tim Roth this, young Tim Roth that,” but he can fuck me when he’s 90. 

Adam Scott and Lizzy Caplan at Levi’s Haus Pre-Emmy Dinner on August 17, 2014

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ten and rose + tumblr text posts


engineering is red

science is blue

command is yellow

this isn’t actually a poem it’s just star trek trivia

Boyhood (dir Richard Linklater)

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fill in the blanks


1. name: dani
2. birthday: december 27th
3. favorite color: black or like that grey that’s almost black you know LOL that’s a good color
4. lucky number:  i like the number 23
5. height: 5’1, i am a tiny shrimp of a human bean


1. last dream you remember: i was at a baseball game and jack white was sitting a few rows behind me making that face like in the meme of him at a baseball game and it was too meta and weird
2. can you juggle: yes!!!!! i can! baseballs are my specialty
3. art/sports/both: arT most definitely
4. do you like writing: yA i am a writer i am studying english and screenwriting at school 
5. do you like dancing: i would rather hang around the punch bowl thank you
6. do you like singing: when i am alone in my car i sometimes think i could win a grammy


1. dream vacation: i so badly want to go to san francisco again oh man
2. dream date: i like going to the movies and looking at the stars so probably that
3. dream guy/gal: edgar wright. i will always be in love with him
4. dream wedding: i’ve catered a few weddings with my mom this summer and i just don’t really think that is for me at all
5. dream pet: a dog of my own :3
6. dream job: editor, published author? DONT ASK ME THIS I WILL CRY BECAUSE I DONT KNOW


1. favorite song: of all time? hallelujah by jeff buckley
2. favorite album: i rarely like all the songs on an album but brothers by the black keys and lazaretto by jack white
3. favorite artist:  the black keys, always
4. last song you heard on the radio: idk some teenybopper shit i don’t like anything on the radio really
5. least favorite song: i don’t believe in least favorites
6. least favorite album: see above
7. least favorite artist: justin bieber (lol)


1. guys/girls/both: men
2. hair color: brown 
3. eye color: brown
4. humorous/serious: both but i am really too serious all the time so probably funny i guess
5. taller/shorter: i don’t really care
6. biggest turn-off: if you talk just to hear the sound of your own voice or act like your opinion is the be all and end all please leave
7. biggest turn-on: intelligence and passion

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I tried to stop

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"Welcome to The Knick."
86,766 plays



"In a sunlit tavern, in a corner booth sucking stale popcorn, there I met dear Ruth. She’d only just lost the baby, seven months and a week, drank a month of Seagrams, kissed me on the cheek."

this album is so good. michael cera diy king